Thursday, October 14, 2010

Scene Of The Crime

Sexy, violent, and suspenseful, this story was my decision to do all three for once. Generally, I don't enjoy sexy writing. Violent, eh, sometimes. Suspense, however, I enjoy. Bindings of Family is meant to be full of it, and I'm greatly enjoying writing it.

Let's start with sexy. Teleia needed to be described in detail, but I decided to leave her body shape to assumption. She's sexy. The definition of such is up to the reader's imagination. Her face was important enough, though, to be defined clearly. Her surroundings as well. I thought of her as a sculpture. Where the sculpture is displayed is equally important to the sculpture itself.

In terms of violence, I realize I made most of it come from a rather piggish man. This isn't to imply anything about men, obviously. But... Eh, you do get a sense of the trouble Tele is in once he gets a hold of her. Another thing, blood, is kind of fun for me to describe. Not sure why, but I enjoy it.

Suspense is rather heavy in this story. I wanted the reader to genuinely worry about Tele. What's going to happen to her? Is she going to be okay? Every hit she takes, the reader winces. Or... gets a hardon. Depends who you ask, I suppose.

All in all, this story was pretty interesting to write. I fleshed out some details about Tele's work in the Keep, and revealed her true nature in the process. Good stuff.

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